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It is the mission of FMO, the Dutch development bank, to help entrepreneurs create a better world. FMO’s integrated annual report shows, among other things, how much impact it has achieved over the past year. FMO wanted to share this information with as many stakeholders as possible, and therefore wanted to place more focus on online communication.


FMO chose F19’s Digital First platform to publish its 2017 integrated annual report. Together with design agency Studio Duel, F19 developed a media mix that fits the needs of FMO. A layered website now offers all relevant information in an appealing way. The PDF - which is available in print form - is also realised with F19 software.


The result is not just a visually-attractive media mix, but also a more efficient production process. Peak load was reduced and the work was carried out faster because correction control activities could be divided among different content owners.