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War Child

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War Child believes that disclosing information about the impact it is making contributes to its mission to helping as many war children as possible. That is why War Child wanted to reach as many stakeholders as possible with an effective media mix of its annual report.


F19 has sponsored War Child since 2008, helping to publish the annual report in an efficient, multichannel way. Together with partners Evolve Digital and Berry Timmermans, we have developed a concept in which the information is offered in a target group-oriented way online. On the homepage, light users see – at a glance – how War Child creates impact. Medium and heavy users can consult specific financial and non-financial information at deeper levels, or download the PDF.


The result is a visually-appealing and interactive website in which War Child provides accountability for its performance in an accessible manner. Because the project is 100% sponsored, War Child saves money that it can spend on helping children in conflict areas.