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Partners f19

Become a partner?

If you would like to use F19 for your next client project, please contact today. The following companies have already done the same...

Berenschot is an independent organisation consultancy with 350 employees worldwide. For 80 years we have surprised clients with innovative solutions in various sectors, including industry.


Finex is a family of consultancy companies with deep knowledge of branches, themes and technologies. Trust is the starting point to give professionalism plenty of space.


Sustainalize is the boutique consultancy for CSR. At Sustainalize, a practical and flexible approach is central: from CSR vision to implementation to a well-communicated and reliable annual report.


Dog and Pony is an internationally-operating design agency with a focus on identity design. With a team of experienced designers and a network of professionals, we develop creative platform-independent design concepts.

Dog and Pony

We inspire brand performance to build succes for Asian brands internationally and international brands in Asia.

Sedgwick Richardson

We are Cascade, designers of corporate identities and communication. We lead in house styles and annual reports.


We write, edit, advise and organise through a close-knit team of text writers in permanent employment. Some of our areas of expertise include websites, annual reports and policy documents.

Enthusiastic communication specialists from Den Bosch, who will walk through the fire for each client. That's us. What we create is not just striking and effective, but also brand-worthy!

Communicatie Team

Our studio works on strategic concepts and graphic design for ambitious clients. We tell and visualise stories with a social impact. Smart ideas & meaningful design!

Studio Duel

We help organisations tell their story…in words and in images. Always understandable, no matter how complex the message is.

Sabel Communicatie

As an infographics designer, I visualise data and information in a fascinating way, visually guiding the visitor through difficult data. The message remains central while I strive for aesthetics and originality in each project.

Studio Terp

Brings people and brands closer together with distinctive concepts and strong online solutions. Interactive. Creative.

Berry Timmermans

The world around us is changing, and you think: what does that mean for us? Your organisation needs to ask the right questions, find the right answers and formulate new goals. We can help.


Gloedcommunicatie is a versatile, full-service communication agency that works for organisations of significance. We help with a distinctive strategy, inspiring stories, accurate content and stimulating creation.


Panteia is an independent research bureau for economic and social policy research, transport research and market research.


We connect people and brands with smart content. We support our clients throughout the cross-media communication process: from strategy and concept to creation, execution and evaluation.


Aguilonius is a consultancy and software provider in the field of digital reporting. Our expertise includes eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR).


Inpladi in Cuijk provides total solutions for advertising and communication issues. We strive for a long-term relationship with our partners in which flexibility, innovation, results and personal contact are central.