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Better reporting leads to better decision making

Do you want to improve your reporting? Our consultants, developers and designers share a passion for creating efficient and effective reporting solutions.

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Corporate reporting

Corporate reporting is in the spotlight. The amount of legislation is increasing and stakeholders are demanding more transparency about both financial and non-financial information. This is putting a lot of pressure on the reporting process. Corporate reporting has to be relevant, accurate, timely and useful for all stakeholders.

At F19 we offer a full-service solution for corporate reporting. We help marcom, finance, CSR and IR professionals to define an effective reporting strategy, and we provide software and services for every stage of the reporting process.

View case: Alliander transparency portal

Internal reporting

Internal reporting gives insight into the goals and performance of an organisation. It helps the board and management to make decisions and take the right actions. But it also engages employees. Transparent internal reporting helps to increase commitment to the organisation's mission on an organisational level, on a team level and on an individual level.

At F19 we develop interactive dashboards, data visualisations and reporting solutions for internal use. We build smart connections with various sources and help business controllers and marcom professionals to tell relevant and user-friendly stories to all internal stakeholders.

View case: ProRail online KPI dashboard

Research reporting

Researchers often focus primarily on their research and less on communicating their findings. However, targeted communication of research reports can significantly increase the range and impact of these reports. Presenting research information in a user-friendly, visual and interactive way engages stakeholders and leads to action.

At F19 we help researchers to generate a greater effect with their reports, while still letting them focus on the research. We help them to implement an easy and efficient production process that ensures that research information is presented in a user-friendly way to authorised stakeholders.

Customised reporting

By customised reporting we mean every other solution in which information and data have to be reported in an efficient and effective way. Our software and services enable us to improve reporting processes in a wide range of areas. We combine our online expertise and reporting know-how to create custom reports, dashboards and interactive data visualisations.

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