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Reporting as a Service

If you are looking for a full-service reporting partner, we provide specialist software and services for every stage of the reporting process. We call this Reporting as a Service.

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Together with specialist partners, our consultants offer strategic advice in the field of corporate reporting, sustainability, online communications, content, digital marketing and web technology.


We help organisations with the production, management and publishing of content. If needed, we work together with specialist partners. Using Facetbase, our online first reporting platform, we make the content production phase safer, faster and more efficient.


We offer solutions in the field of UX design and graphic design for both online and offline media. We also work closely together with design agencies and specialist designers.


Our development team is continuously improving our Facetbase software. We develop responsive interfaces, implement our software and build smart connections with various sources and systems.


Security is extremely important, both to us and to our clients, so we have a very strict security policy. Both our software and our internal security level are regularly audited by an independent external party.


We offer highly secure hosting services and comprehensive service level agreements, so we can meet your organisation's security needs.

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