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Online first reporting

Do you want to streamline the production and publication of your reports? Learn more about the benefits of online first reporting.

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Facetbase online first reporting

Facetbase is the online first reporting platform developed by F19. It is the engine of all our digital reporting solutions. Facetbase is especially designed to enhance the multichannel publication of reports (including large ones) and data from a single online source.


  • Import large Word files

  • Import and synchronise Excel files

  • Connect to other sources (databases, APIs, feeds)

  • Compose reports with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

  • Enrich content with interactive data visualisations, metadata, multimedia and contextual information

  • Publish content in various forms to multiple channels (PC, smartphone, tablet, PDF)

  • Preview content in multiple channels

  • Define workflow

  • Collaborate

  • Edit content

  • Design tables

  • Compose interactive charts

  • Manage and publish multiple publications

  • Track versions

  • Build multiple navigation solutions (hierarchical, faceted navigation, hybrid navigation)

  • Monitor user behavior

SaaS and On Premise

We offer Facetbase as a ‘SaaS solution’ and as a ‘On Premise solution’. The ‘SaaS solution’ includes Facetbase updates, high-level security hosting and a service level agreement. The ‘On Premise solution’ is tailor made. Facetbase runs on the Microsoft .NET framework.

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