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Continuous reporting center


Alliander is an energy network company that provides energy transport and distribution to a large part of the Netherlands. Alliander highly values transparent communication with stakeholders about its performance and its social and economic impact.

In order to further improve its corporate reporting, Alliander looked for a reporting partner that could innovate the production process and increase the impact of communications. 


F19 Digital Reporting created a multichannel transparency portal for Alliander. In this portal, both year plans, annual reports and recent KPI's are published. Company goals and company results are presented on one webbased platform, offering stakeholders insight in a user-friendly, interactive way. Together with Alliander, F19 developed a reporting strategy that focused on Integrated Reporting, Online first publishing and Continuous reporting. In 2016 Alliander won the prestigious Kristal Prize and Sijthoff prize.

The reports are produced and published using Facetbase, F19’s online first reporting solution.

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