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Reporting center


Bouwinvest manages five Dutch real estate investment funds. Bouwinvest firmly believes in responsible business practices, integrity and openness. This is reflected in the Bouwinvest funds' transparent annual reports.  

Since Bouwinvest wanted to make the annual report production process more efficient and the communication more effective, Bouwinvest looked for a specialist partner.


Together with design agency Cascade Visual Communications, F19 developed a multichannel ‘online first’ reporting centre for Bouwinvest. In this web-based platform, stakeholders can navigate through five different fund reports. Content is presented in various formats: HTML, PDF and Excel. Interactive tools and charts and social media features increase the usability of the information for external stakeholders.

Working with Facetbase, F19’s online first reporting solution, makes the production process faster, easier and safer for the producers of the reports.

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