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Online Impact analysis tool


DNB is the Dutch Central Bank. DNB's main objective is to safeguard financial stability, but DNB also has an informative role. It informs the public, students and professionals about macroeconomic developments. One of the tools it uses to do this is Delfi. Delfi is used for scenario analysis and to produce DNB’s biannual projections.

It puts emphasis on the description of the supply side of the economy, which is crucial for understanding long term developments. DNB looked for a solution to communicate the basic principles of Delfi to a broader audience in a user-friendly way.


F19 Digital Reporting created an online tool that is embedded in the DNB corporate website. This online Delfi tool lets users calculate the effects of changes in economic policy or the domestic or international economic environment on the Dutch economy.

By changing the course of eleven economic factors, users can generate customised reports that give insight into possible effects in the coming years.  

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