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War Child

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War Child is an independent and impartial, international nongovernmental organisation investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. The majority of War Child’s revenue comes from private donors and companies. War Child strives to report transparently on successes and failures in all aspects of its programming, finances and operations in order to communicate openly to our constituency.

F19 Digital Reporting is very proud to be War Child’s reporting partner since 2007. In this period War Child won the prestigious Dutch Transparency Prize twice, and was nominated several times. 


This year, together with our partner Sustainalize, we helped War Child to publish an annual report that is based on the principles of Integrated Reporting. For this purpose a materiality matrix and a value creation model were developed. An interactive data visualization of the value creation model is shown on the homepage.

Together with design partners Elastik and Berry Timmermans we created a multichannel media mix of the annual report. Both the responsive online version and the PDF were published ‘online first’ with Facetbase, the multichannel publishing platform. The annual report website will gradually evolve into a transparency portal that continuously publishes information about War Child’s strategy and performance.

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